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Why do s it that no one who writes Harry Potter can resist the urge to make Draco Malfoy powerful? Even the ones who resist the urge to make him heroic have to give him power over one of the true heroes. People, he was very powerful for much of the series. You don't need to level Harry to write good Draco. The opposite, in fact.
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Vid Title: Here I Love You
Vidder: Bendtothesun & Warkitten
Fandom: White Collar
Summary: Somehow, they ended up in love.
Reccer's Comments: This is a gorgeous vid and the vidders put a ton of work into the coloring, fades, overlays, and other visual effects. It's 1st season Neal, Peter, and El. The song is Melodies and Desires by Lykke Li and it is used to great effect. "Love is the harmony, Desire is the key, Love is the melody, Now sing it with me." A great, dreamy, visually compelling OT3 vid without any of the later ::ahem:: baggage.
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Vid Title: Hoping Machine
Fandom:Harry Potter
Summary:"To have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever." JKR (Sorcerer's Stone)
Reccer's Comments:Some of my best loved vids took me several listens before I really latched on. The song was written by Woody Guthrie and is sung by Jay Farrar. I think giving it a few listens before watching the vid can help if you're not familiar with it. But, again like my most favorite vids, the song just seems to be written for the images Eunice chose. The phrase "let your plans come out of mistakes, These are the plans and nothing can tear down, Made out of things that have already been torn down" is everything that is tragic and uplifting about Harry Potter, both the character and the story.
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I just began a fic by neierathima on AO3 called Second Verse, Same as the First which seems to be a time travel fix-it for Derek. He's wondering how abandoning his own pack to save the Hales will impact Erica and Boyd and feeling guilty. Well, Season 3 really changes how guilty you need to feel, Derek.
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Vid Title: Can't Go Back Now
Vidder: such heights
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Summary: But in the end, the only steps that matter are the ones you take all by yourself
Reccer's Comments: This is Willow, her journey, her missteps, her outright dishonorable choices, the wrongs done to her, and her amazing personal strength, resilience, and love. It's how we all move from childhood to adulthood with the added kick of the magnitude of the supernatural power she has. For good or bad, she can't go back.

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Vid Title: Shake It Out
Vidder: ntertanedangel
Fandom: Harry Potter
Summary: A tribute/character study of Harry James Potter: The Boy Who Lived
Reccer's Comments: I love Harry and the vidder clearly does, too. After watching it, I wouldn't have believed the song wasn't written for Harry's story which is usually true of my favorite vids. It communicates the inescapable devil inside of him, the tragedy of his struggle and his mistakes, but with a soaring sound and images that make it clear he won't give up.

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Staking out my theory in advance of the season finale: Hannibal wants Will to become a killer like he is because that's the only way he can both be known/seen by Will and be safe from discovery. Will becomes the ultimate serial killer bestie through Hannibal's careful torture. That Will loses everything he values about himself during this process is completely irrelevant.
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Man, this is bad. Formulaic, trite, and stupid. I'd really like a great new series, but it doesn't look like this is going to be it. It made me think of B5 a lot, in the sense of how much better B5 handled these scenarios of multi-racial diplomacy and navigating conflicting religious and civic ideals.
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I'm not attached to any one fandom. This is a real first for me. I began wit Earth 2 in the olden days and Star Trek when it was as still on Usenet. But there isn't any one fandom that has be obsessed.

I like the Hobbit, but I haven't been blown away. Network tv is usually mediocre at best and the last all-consuming fannish stuff I remember, like BSG, disappointed me terribly. I want a fandom! ::pout::

I still love HP, of course, but I'm not very interested in the various pairings by themselves. I want real meat in that world.


Mar. 27th, 2013 04:39 pm
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There is nothing in the peer-reviewed OTW journal that I want to read. I guess this is why I leaned towards the sciences.
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I've been reading a lot of Hobbit fic and it strikes me that I've not seen fic where Thorin (Dis, their people, etc) sees the possible loss of Fili and Kili as a loss the royal family is simply required to bear. In other words, the obligation of the royal family to its people.

I find Tolkien's love of noble people who are simply better than the rest of us problematic in lots of ways, but it is part and parcel of his world and a large part of the mythologies, legends, and histories he was drawing upon. The obligations of the ruler to the ruled are explicit in this ideal world and I can't see how Thorin would even think to himself that his heirs wouldn't participate.

Thorin's storyline involves a lot of lust after material possessions, but it springs out of a noble desire to fulfill his duty to his people, to provide for them and by returning them to their home. And that duty belongs to Fili and Kili, too. I think Thorin and Dis are very aware this may end in death and that they both were raised to believe that their lives and that of their children belong to their people. But the overwhelming trend in fics that I see is Thorin and/or Dis acting more like modern parents, afraid of losing the boys, angsting over their involvement. It just doesn't fit how I see Tolkien's warrior kings of old.

So, of course, the exception that proves the rule
Sons of Durin by Inkling


Feb. 8th, 2013 07:58 pm
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News that a fic called The Captive Prince by freece is available as an ebook has been all over. I hadn't read it before and gave it a try on LJ. I don't understand it - it's awful. Nothing but rape fic wallowing in abuse in nauseating detail. It's well-written and lots of people like this type of fic, but I'm really surprised to see it so widely recced.

Edited to add: Don't forget bonus pedophilia too.
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I'm trying to be better about reccing works that I really like. I read so much that most of it gets lost in the flood. And beyond that, stories with summaries that could be awful tend to be overlooked and I want to help them stand out a bit.

This Hobbit fandom fic is a short retelling of the Hobbit with a female Bilbo. Short is important because too many fics retell the story when it doesn't add anything and often drags the story down. It also focuses on Briar (Bilbo) and her relationships with her family, Shirefolk, and Thorin and this Thorin's character development acknowledges that finding love along the way to Erebor would change him, at least a little.

Silly Trinkets by The Feels Whale (miscellea)
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Kings was a great show with epic potential and I highly recommend it if you can catch it. This story by lc2l focuses on a single night between David and Jack and is vivid and personal and real, but doesn't forget the epic quality of canon.

We're concentrating on falling apart by lc2l
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These are great stripped down posters for each of the books. Poignant and I wouldn't mind having them in my writing space.
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The theme of "all this has happened before, all this will happen again" in fic that sees Slytherins as victims has some truth to it. The pureblood mania is hardly new, but if the Malfoys have lost their fortune and influence and if a family with a name as English as Parkinson have left the country, there has been a change like any before. The Malfoys have been the English Wizarding world's "winners" for a very long time. The shift from the old guard to whatever comes next is the beginning of a new age.

And I wish we had a list of post-war fics by date they were written. As I'm reading and rereading, it makes such as huge difference whether the author knew what JKR did for the war. It doesn't affect the quality of the story because early stories can be great, but JKR went a route I didn't expect. It was very personal, Harry and Voldemort, but it was also very impersonal. The Ministry, the use of official government channels and offices to oppress, left no one untouched. The aftermath of these two facets - well, I love when I read fic that faces both and sees just how fractured these people must be and their faith in anything outside of themselves is a gift that has to be earned. I wouldn't want to be the next Head of Hogwarts to be sure.
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I picked up earlier works in Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan saga when Baen was giving them away. I liked it well enough and bought Cordelia's Honor for background.

It started out strong, but I was disappointed by the end. Cordelia is a cipher to me and possibly a stupid one. Why did she love him? Did she have any thoughts whatsoever about her status on Barrayar? Did she like being valued only as a gestator? Feel any desire to improve the lot of women in general? Culture shock? Boredom? Did she miss her mom? Hate her mom?

And why would a 33 yr old woman be concerned about being "too old" for kids? Especially when they gestate kids in containers? The world just felt very poorly thought out and it has that claustrophobic feel of bad romances where the characters have no feelings outside of that one relationship and everything else is subordinate. And yet her love for him is based on what? Their common hobbies?

But it was my first book of the new year. 2013 = 1 so far
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The Avengers "The War Was in Color" by Settiai

The best vids are when it seems like the song *must* have been written just for this source. The Boy Was a Puppet in HP fandom or this song for Captain America. It's about the past without the sepia tone of nostalgia.

Vid recs

Jan. 12th, 2013 01:41 pm
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Hmm, I think this is working out to one post a year....

Harry Potter "You Are Not Alone in This" by Hanna

She also did the Marchin' On vid that I believe the whole world has seen. The title explains it all: Harry isn't alone in this. Pretty song and touching vid.

Harry Potter "Hoping Machine" by Eunice
I watched this vid several times, thinking I didn't like it. The song didn't seem to work for me, but I'd put it in my top 5 now. The song is too upbeat to be passionately melancholy and too downbeat to pick me up. In a way, that's HP all over. No matter how bad it is, it's never a wallow in sorrow. But listen to the lyrics and let their great suitability for the HP verse take over. Eunice also did some of my all time favorite vids for China Beach, Mother Mary.
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I discovered the fail fandom meme. And the inception anon meme. Oh, god, hours and hours of my life gone, but it was so good.


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